BloodyCheckers developer Kilroy Fx is working on a follow-up title, BloodyCastle, which he hopes to fund through a recently launched Kickstarter campaign.

BloodyCheckers was a standout among last year's Xbox Live Indie Games releases, offering unexpected depth in its unconventional blend of horror, exploration, and checkers simulation. We named it as an honorable mention in our list of the Top 10 Indie Games of 2011, and it's one of my personal favorite XBLIG titles to date.

BloodyCastle's gameplay focuses on cooperative exploration and first-person melee combat -- Kilroy Fx cites From Software's King's Field series as an inspiration. BloodyCheckers has seen numerous content-expanding updates since its launch, and Kilroy Fx plans to offer similar post-release support for BloodyCastle.

BloodyCastle's funding goal is $15,000, with prizes available for all donation levels. Pledges of $5 or more will get a copy of the game upon its release, and donators of $100 or more will receive a 3D portrait in the game itself.