Action Button Entertainment, a reportedly vile outfit headed up by the infamous new games journalist Tim Rogers, has launched the iOS shooter Ziggurat, its first release for any platform.

Boasting 16-bit graphics, 8-bit music, and "immeasurable chaos," Ziggurat puts players in the role of "The Last Human on Earth, fighting to die as The Last Human in the Universe." Armed only with a laser rifle, players must fend off as many approaching enemies as possible before succumbing to the inevitable.

The controls are very well suited for touch screens, and the charge mechanic proves to be quite satisfying. I also enjoy the way explosions can be chained to take out surrounding enemies -- it gives the experience a crunchy, Missile Command-ish appeal that few games manage to replicate.

Ziggurat is priced at 99 cents. If you aren't yet sold on the concept, a trailer featuring a sales pitch from Rogers himself can be seen after the break below.