Developer Orange Pixel expands its genre repertoire from platformers Meganoid and GameBoy-inspired Stardust to horizontal shmups with Neoteria.

As in Stardust, Orange Pixel has opted for two directional inputs instead of a full virtual pad. In removing the left and right inputs, Neoteria has also removed the thrilling and strategic option to rush forward and lay on rapid-fire. With what seems to balance this missing thrill, players cannot retreat backward when the action gets heated.

Neoteria has multiple difficulty levels to play through and alternate paths to uncover. While Neoteria boasts old-school action, it graciously offers an energy bar instead of punishing players with one-hit deaths and partial stage resets. The power-up progression of the ship's weapon seems linear, but that won't necessarily make for a bad experience.

Neoteria is aiming for a launch today on Android (free and paid) and iOS (not yet) devices. The developer stated that a BlackBerry Playbook version may come later, as well. Once the developer reaches 20,000 downloads across all devices (including free and paid versions), it will add new content.