In the aftermath of "a long internal debate" between Nintendo and an unnamed publisher, Team Meat's Edmund McMillen revealed that Nintendo will not allow a downloadable 3DS eShop release for his action-roguelike The Binding of Isaac.

McMillen cites "questionable religious content" as the official reason for the game's rejection. The Binding of Isaac's storyline involves a young child fleeing from his murderous mother after the voice of God commands her to kill her children. Religious references pepper the gory gameplay that follows.

The news is disappointing, but on the other hand, it's difficult to imagine a game about disfigured fetuses joining Nintendo's mostly-cheery downloadable lineup (save for a handful of M-rated outliers, none of which come close to approaching Isaac's over-the-top offensiveness). I was really looking forward to a version with official d-pad support, too!

[via Joystiq]