MiniBoss has released a free demo to coincide with the release of its charming puzzle-platformer Out There Somewhere. While I haven't played the full version, I did enjoy my experience with the demo overall.

The introductory horizontal shmup section doesn't last long enough for me, but the bread and butter gameplay is all about platforming with a portal gun. This isn't your standard, GLaDOS-fearing portal gun that requires exit and entry portals. Only one shot must impact a wall to make your character warp to the point of impact. The warping act also conserves your momentum, such that the jump you begin will complete after the warp. This becomes invaluable to avoid pits and enemies, circumvent or exploit different-colored laser fields, and retrieve your ship's parts.

MiniBoss's Pedro Medeiros (a.k.a. Santo or Saint11) won Ludum Dare #22 with the clever platformer Frostbite. Their pixelated, exploratory platforming skills show again in the demo of Out There Somewhere. The developers stated on Desura the game lasts about 2-3 hours on the first playthrough, with extra time required to get all the secrets.

Out There Somewhere is available for purchase on Desura or direct from the developer for $4.99. While only a PC version is available now, the studio states a Mac version is in the plans.