pax east boston indie showcase.jpgPenny Arcade's massive consumer expo, PAX East, recently announced the six indie games they will showcase. Expo planners decided to showcase smart phone games exclusively this year because "not many [indie game competitions] seem to focus specifically on the mobile platforms."

These are the six indie games:

*Bean's Quest by Kumobius (iOS)
*Girls Like Robots by Popcannibal (Android)
*Lawnmower Challenge by Lunar Enigma (iOS)
*Not Without You by Bad Pilcrow (Windows Mobile)
*SpellTower by stfj (iOS)
*Super Crate Box by Vlambeer (iOS)

PAX East is one of the largest consumer gaming events, reaching almost 70,000 attendees last year. This week the event organizers sealed the deal with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority to keep the event in Boston through 2023.

PAX East 2012 runs April 6-8 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. While three-day tickets are sold out, single-day tickets are still available for purchase.