Mommy's Best Games has released Porkerpillar, its vaguely nightmarish finalist entry in Experimental Gameplay's 5 Buttons Competition.

Designed to be played using a unique setup of five large, pressure-sensitive buttons (but playable on Windows 7 PCs using the 1-5 number keys on a keyboard), Porkerpillar challenges players to feed babies sweets and guide them safely back to their mothers. Each key raises a segment of the Porkerpillar -- with timing and dexterity, players can feed the babies nutritious donuts and ice cream, while avoiding nasty fruits and vegetables.

(I really don't trust the look on the Porkerpillar's face, though. Don't turn your back on that guy.)

The release arrives in advance of the 5 Buttons Competition's conclusion on February 17th, which will be decided by popular vote during the Stattmedia Game Contest at the Stattbad Gallery in Berlin. 2,000€ in prizes will be awarded to the competition's top three titles.