360dash.jpgWith this week's new Xbox 360 dashboard update, Microsoft has reorganized its marketplace layout, giving indie games a dedicated shortcut within the existing Games tab.

This move could ease the woes of many Xbox Live Indie Game developers, who have often lamented the obscure placement of the Indie Games section on the Xbox 360 dashboard.

The independent publication Indie Game Magazine reports that Indie Games are now featured right alongside the Arcade and On Demand shortcuts, whereas previously the Indie section was buried within a sub-menu in a section titled Game Type.

Interestingly, Microsoft's official announcement of the recent update does not mention any changes to the marketplace, noting only that the patch is intended to increase performance and fix minor bugs.

So far, the U.S. is the only reported region to receive the new marketplace layout. Microsoft did not immediately respond when contacted by Gamasutra for more information.

Previously, Microsoft has declined to comment directly on the placement of the Indie Games section, but has instead encouraged indie developers to maintain consistent marketing campaigns for their titles, or organize promotions like the Indie Games Summer Uprising.

[This article was written by Tom Curtis and originally appeared on Gamasutra. Image credit: Indie Game Magazine]