hq7.jpg Crystal Shard, a name synonymous with Warthogs and A Tale of Two Kingdoms, has proven themselves rather adept at producing little works of art with the Adventure Game Studio engine. Needless to say, it looks like they're going to keep the momentum going with Heroine's Quest. Crystal Shard's upcoming production will be set in the Northland, a place frequented by trolls and wolves. There are rumours about Frost Giants, wild magic and a certain mythological wolf stirring from his sleep. It's not the best time to take a vacation here, no. However, the Northland needs a Heroine and guess what? You're it.

Heroine's Quest will let you choose between playing a rogue, a mage, a warrior or a hybrid crafted from a mixture of skills. While they've yet to explain the battle system, Crystal Shard has promised that it will be something we have yet to see before. As always, however, a release date is still teasingly out of sight. For now, enjoy the screenshots! They come after the cut.

Official site here. hq1.gif hq2.gif hq3.gif hq4.png hq5.gif hq6.png