Project "Cube World" is a rather attractive voxel-based exploration RPG with multiplayer support in development for PC (and Mac in the future). While the above video is not the most current, it serves as a good introduction to the type of game developer Wollay aims it to be.

Humor me while I play catch up with the developer's history: it was reported last month that Mojang hired Wollay, and then it was clarified that this never happened. In the end, Cube World continues as a one-man project without Wollay's time being split or his brain being plugged into.

Since the game isn't playable, comparisons can't yet be accurately made. However, I'll toss out a couple names to get the presumptuous party started: Minecraft and Voxatron. From what I can tell, Voxatron features a series of Smash-TV / Robotron style rooms, but Cube World's battles seem to span across the wide game world.

And whereas Minecraft is about mining, digging, and crafting, Cube World is split. The dev is not planning to add mining or digging. However, house building is supported. The dev states he may add a crafting system for weapons and armor from loot dropped by monsters, too.

I find it interesting that Cube World's developer gives inspirational nods to Zelda, Secret of Mana, Landstalker, and Monster Hunter for style, gameplay, and overall feel. He further tips his hat to Diablo, World of Warcraft for inspirational RPG elements. With all these mashed into a hopefully solid game, I'm pretty interested, if not overwhelmed!

While we wait for more developments, check out the latest gameplay clip showing off the spirit-weapon upgrade and combat systems:

There's a bit too much to stuff in one post. Let me know if you want to hear more about this game in the future. Otherwise, hop over to Cube World's blog to see all the developments.