thirty flights.jpgHow long have I waited for a sequel to Gravity Bone? Just over 3 years in fact. And then out it pops, casually available as part of a Kickstarter project, not a care in the world. Thirty Flights of Loving is the latest release from Blendo Games, and continues the story from the original block-headed spy saga.

Here's the catch though - it's currently only available through a Kickstarter for the Idle Thumbs podcast. Now, if you're a fan of Idle Thumbs, then that's going to be no problem. However, if you're not an Idle Thumbs listener, then the $30 that is being asked for Thirty Flights of Loving may well be just a tad more than you're willing to pay, especially when it is described as a "video game short story".

Still, it's inevitable that the game will be made properly available once the Kickstarter is over, so if you're not down with throwing $30 at it, you can always wait.