Fresh off the back of the release of Shank 2, Klei Entertainment have dropped an initial trailer for their next release. Mark Of The Ninja is a "Stealth Ninja" game. It looks to me kind of like a sidescrolling Tenchu, with Klei Entertainment's trademark flair for high quality presentation, gorgeous 2D animation, and sprinkles of a bit of the old ultra-violence.

Revealed not with a boring press release, Klei released a free piece of interactive fiction which appears to set the tone of the game, and you get a look at this first trailer for finishing it. It's playable over here.

As is the way of the Ninja, Mark Of The Ninja seems to not focus on a direct assault, but using your Ninja skills, the environment and your equipment in clever ways to outfox your enemies without even being seen.

The trailer has an Xbox logo on it, no other platforms mentioned yet. It's due for a release in Summer of this year.