Kyle Pulver, who's worked on Verge, depict1 and Snapshot, sent me a nice Tweet about his upcoming 2D puzzle platformer for Mac and PC. Offspring Fling started as a game jam game last year where the theme was motherhood. Pulver took this theme and created a matriarch which revels in throwing and otherwise using her offspring to clear over 100 levels.

Offspring Fling will be priced higher than free, a first for the rising developer. Those profits will probably help cover the audio bill (along with the light bill), since he outsourced to the talented Alec Holowka to create the soundtrack. A nice piece of trivia: the original game jam track by Holowka is also the same track used for the trailer.

Seeing what Pulver's done with this theme makes me hope a jam theme of "filial disobedience" comes around soon, too.