Prerequisite: Epic Sax Guy. You don't have to watch all ten hours, but you can if you want to.

Once the riff has wedged itself into your brain, you're ready to play the free Flash tribute Epic Sax Game, created by Ancient Greek Punishment developer Pippin Barr.

In Epic Sax Game, players attempt to replicate Epic Sax Guy's solo using six keyboard keys. After practicing, you can record a studio version and join a jam session before attempting the toughest challenge of all: a ten-hour YouTube video, performed live.

The earlier levels are fun little exercises in rhythm and memorization (despite some unfortunate lag), and it'll be interesting to see how long people are willing to play in order to earn a high score in the YouTube level. I enjoy the comments that appear after every loop -- I got up to about 100 likes before I quit.

Warning: whether you like it or not, you will have every note of Epic Sax Guy's solo memorized after spending a few minutes with this game, and its sultry strains will echo in your subconcious over the next 24 hours.

[via Free Indie Games]