High Vaultage.pngAside from the charming pixels, High Vaultage didn't immediately draw me in, appearing like an ordinary track-and-field title. Then my character vaulted hundreds of feet into the air, grabbing coins, eating junk food, hitching rides from birds and whales, and bouncing off balloons until I soared above the clouds and glimpsed the greater galaxy. Oh, and each time I collected all the crayon colors, I earned a magical rainbow excretion that elevated me higher still.

Ostrich Banditos' High Vaultage is an adrenaline rush of gameplay accompanied by an energizing musical loop. Controls are simple enough: I used the arrows to move and the space bar to vault and fart for propulsion. The trick to a high vault (which may not be apparent) is to press the space bar twice: once to anchor the pole to the ground and once more to release the tension.

My stomach tightened every time I began a long descent and ran out of gas, causing me to flail slightly right and left in the hopes of eating some junk to boost my bowels. In the end, I don't think I've scored well enough to win the high score competition and get my "ugly mug" in High Vaultage or the team's next game. Maybe you will do better!

Play High Vaultage on Kongregate and Newgrounds now (or check out the spoilerific video after the jump to see the game in action.)