In a rather reflective video discussion with Gamespot, Braid developer Jonathan Blow discusses the indie scene, the idea of fun in games, and the state of Japanese game development.

Those who have been following GDC news this week may have heard about a response given during a screening of Indie Game The Movie at GDC, where Fez developer Phil Fish said Japanese games "just suck". Blow seemed to agree with Fish's general sentiment, referring to Japanese games as "joyless husks".

In this video discussion, Blow articulates his disinterest in most modern Japanese games, which he feels come with a severe case of hand-holding that can be off-putting to those, like himself, who appreciate the joy of discovery. Blow also describes how similar hand-holding plagues many Western AAA titles, with it creating an experience that is just not fun for him.

[Source: Gamespot, via Reddit]