Best described as a cross between Game Maker and Minecraft's Creative Mode, CraftStudio is a special creature indeed. According to the description on IndieGoGo, CraftStudio will offer users the opportunity to compose 3D models, infinite maps, interactive movies, games and generally engage in awesomeness. As an added bonus, CraftStudio will also allow you to collaborate with others. You can choose to set up your own servers and invite participation or hop into someone else's server to work on a game with them. Your call.

The two-man team responsible for CraftStudio is currently looking to take their project even further and they're asking for $16, 000 so as to be able to accomplish this. If you're uncertain as to whether or not you want to part ways with your dollars, there's a pre-alpha version of CraftStudio available for your perusal.

Official IndieGoGo site here.