Team2Bit describes XBLIG and PC project Fist Puncher, currently on Kickstarter, as a cross between Double Dragon and Castle Crashers. I played a few stages of it at GDC with the brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee Jake and Matt Lewandowski and can confirm that's pretty true. We three socialized while beating 20-30 characters on the screen at once, and it felt like the old (good Konami) arcade games were hungry for mere quarters, but with RPG elements sprinkled on top.

The team has 30 days left to reach its $10,000 goal, and they are almost 20% there, as of this writing. But, wait? This team need even more after winning IGN's The Next Game Boss competition? The prizes -- two Unity Pro licenses, two Adobe Premiere licenses, and an Origin gaming PC -- actually don't help much here.

"The Unity licenses are cool for the future, but since Fist Puncher is in XNA and I use (free) Paint.Net to make all the pixel art, they don't help much with this project," Jake told me. "Going on the show was most valuable for getting a little extra name exposure, but we can still honestly say we haven't made one cent making indie games."

Pledging $5 nets the PC digital download of the Washington's Wig, the game that won The Next Game Boss. A $15 pledge gets the PC version of Fist Puncher. With a pledge $5,000, you can spend the weekend with Team2Bit. I imagine it includes unlimited wine and hot tub access at this price, too. If Fist Puncher or Team2Bit gives you a fuzzy feeling, donate to or spread their Kickstarter campaign today.