For all those frustrated parents or on-lookers of horribly misbehaved kids, Kyle Pulver has come to the rescue with his mesmerizing 2D puzzle platformer, Offspring Fling, now available for Windows and Mac. The playable mother character here does whatever it takes to get her offspring back in their cells home, hitting switches, avoiding deadly situations, and flinging or carrying babies to the exit.

Ok, so maybe I oversold it on the rough love bit. Offspring Fling is technically about a poor forest creature that has misplaced all of her children, which still doesn't sound like "mother of the year" material. The mother must traverse over 100 levels to get her babies home. The game tracks a healthy amount of stats for replayability, and I am happy to say I have already died a dozen times by acid as have my babies.

Offspring Fling has ghost replays to help teach you how to improve your play time, too. I'll be damned if I haven't beaten any of Pulver's times. The game also has a replay sharing feature that lets you race against others, but I only cared about beating Pulver. Even with my shortcoming, the upbeat tunes from Alec Holowka helped calm me down a little.

The Offspring Fling installation included an Xbox360 configuration and JoyToKey options, but I couldn't test those at this time. I've had enough fun playing with the keyboard so far. Offspring Fling has standard Humble Store payment options, so you can feel better about spending your $7.99 with their Humble checkout.