120328_tangerine.jpgMamono Saber developer Skipmore has released several free-to-play iOS and Android minigames over the last year, the latest of which should be particularly appealing for fans of 8-bit RPGs.

Rotten Tangerines (also available for Android) challenges players to remove tangerines from the screen by tapping them as they show signs of rotting.

Though all tangerines will rot on their own eventually, a swarm of pixelated baddies invade the playfield to make your task even more difficult. Slimes, skeletons, and wizards are among the many tangerine-tainting enemies you'll face in your quest -- you can tap them multiple times to kill them.

Some light RPG elements make the experience much more engaging than it would be otherwise. Players can upgrade their abilities, tap power-ups to clear the screen, or summon a goddess who awards random items via treasure chests. Your stats are saved between plays, so you'll always know exactly how many tangerines you've tapped in your lifetime.

The game also includes a bonus mode that allows you to vent your fruit-related frustrations by smashing the tangerines you've collected in the main mode.

[Thanks, Marcus!]