flower-soundtrack-tn.pngDuring a recent discussion with Akira Yamaoka, the chief sound officer at Grasshopper Manufacture related news that Play For Japan: The Album Vol. 2 is intended for release in the near future.

Amid the discussion, interpreted by Rie Nakano of Grasshopper and translated by independent game composer Yoshi Miyamoto, it was revealed that the upcoming music compilation will feature a piece by Flower composer Vincent Diamante.

The Play For Japan game industry relief effort, organized following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunamis in Japan last year, features the participation of prominent game composers of various geographical regions. Proceeds raise funds for the Red Cross in Japan.

An in-depth series of interviews on Play For Japan: The Album Vol. 1 with Akira Yamaoka, Laura Shigihara and Woody Jackson can be found on the Gamasutra news site. Further interviews with Yasunori Mitsuda, Mitsuto Suzuki and Hip Tanakaβ can be found here, on IndieGames.com.

Sound and Music as Narrative in Flower on Vimeo

Source: Nubuwo