Have you played Project Zomboid? No? In that case, go look it up right now. You'll thank me. In a nutshell, Project Zomboid is a sandbox game built atop a familiar concept: the zombie apocalypse. However, instead of throwing you into the game with a multitude of weapons, Project Zomboid is a little more thoughtful. It gives you things like a spouse, a LACK of weaponry and biological imperatives. Here, you will not only have to fend off zombies, you will always have to deal with things like food and crazed looters. It's awesome. There is no better word for it.

Anyway, it looks like Project Zomboid is progressing well. The team is currently looking to take care of the delivery and finalization of their PC/Mac/Linux launcher, the reimplementation of fire, a tutorial segment and a few bugs before they release the final build of the latest patch.

More details can be found here.