Sometimes failed Kickstarter projects just need a little more Steam. Clearly Valve saw something in Eden Industries' action-puzzler, Waveform, releasing it on Steam today for Windows users. The mouse-controlled wave-manipulation gameplay is actually quite intriguing and intense. Though the playable area spans most of the stage, I often frantically reacted to adjusting my wave to line up with points while looking at the leftmost part of the screen.

Obviously, as I get better at manipulating the amplitude and wavelength of my wave, I will be able to rack up mega points, avoid combo breaking objects, and use wormholes and particle accelerators like a pro. The acid-tripping level at around 0:48 is an experience in itself, let alone the 99+ other levels packed into this product.

Eden Industries' Ryan Vandendyck told me last month that Waveform should have an in-game level editor, which the team hopes to release as free DLC after launch. In the meantime, the New Game+ mode with re-mastered versions of each level and a Deep Space mode with 11 different randomly-generated endless scenarios should keep players busy.

Waveform is on sale until March 27 for $5.95; the price will be $6.99 thereafter. There's also a free demo on the Steam page for those curious. Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android owners can speak up, too. The developer is listening, but he needs initial sales to finance these ports.