sevendayroguelikechallenge2012.pngThe Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge 2012 (7DRL 2012), the eighth of its kind, finished on March 18, with developers unleashing more than 50 free roguelikes into the wild. Below are highlights of a couple interesting titles.

The Spelunky influenced Fuel by TameTick (developer of Cardinal Quest) is a sidescrolling platformer about a space miner finding fuel for his ship. Along the way players can recharge their space suit, gravity-belt and laser blaster to complete the fuel-finding.

Glitch Tank developer Smestrop created Zaga-33. While Zaga-33 has no win condition, players are tasked with digging as deep as they can. The game also has no HP regeneration over time and no experience levels, so it's usually better to evade enemies than to fight them. Furthering the struggle, all items are single-use only.

This is just the tip of more than 60 titles to browse through on the 7DRL blog or reader Björn Ritzl's blog post, who tipped us to the backstab-encouraging and radioactive zone-dissolving Me Against the Mutants by Team Ratking.