Here's a new racing game. With simple graphics and a focus on multiplayer and leaderboards competition, Gears of Glory: Apex Ace from Edinburgh based Domipheus Labs is an attempt "to bring the pick-up-and-play nature of casual games and combine it with competitive racing". Does that sound up your street?

As shown in the above trailer, Gears of Glory includes a fairly comprehensive looking track creator, online leaderboards, online multiplayer & ghosts.

Aiding the dip in/dip out playstyle, there's an in game newspaper, The Gears Times, which gives you a quick heads up whenever a friend has overtaken you on any given leaderboard, and lets you jump straight into that race.

Gears of Glory is due out in May, and "will be priced around that of an espresso from popular coffee houses". Head to the game's website for more info.