Picardy Third Entertainment's Voxterium: Revision is an upcoming spherical arcade-style shooter for PC. Players are locked into orbit, in 3-D space, around a self-replicating enemy. Players must focus on its origin while taking it out byte by byte.

Ross Pinkstaff describes it further: "Quick reproduction is not your enemy's only defense. You'll encounter a steady stream of varied attacks that each provide their own challenge. Fortunately, several power ups can be obtained to assist you in containing your enemy's growth."

Voxterium: Revision is currently in its first closed beta, with a release planned for May 2012. The self-described aggressive, electronic soundtrack is powered by Zephaniah Harrington.

I think this is an aptly titled revision to the original Voxterium, which was entered in the Ludum Dare 22 competition. Check out the original Voxterium for comparison after the jump.