RAMBO LAST BLOOD.pngPeter Javidpour recently wrapped up his MolyJam 2012 puzzle adventure entitled Rambo: Last Blood. The photo actually spoils one of the least humorous parts of the game, but it's enough to suggest that Rambo's last mission doesn't take place in a jungle.

Rambo faces eight instances to right his wrongs (sadly, none of which is an apology to Stallone movie sufferers) in the form of puzzles, some of which should force a smile. If the puzzles don't charm, the pixels and some of the animation surely should. I also wager most of you will need to search the Internet to solve at least one puzzle.

Go ahead and give Rambo: Last Blood a try; it will only take a few minutes of your day. The spoiler-ish, inspiring tweet is listed after the jump.

Last Blood was inspired by the @petermolydeux tweet: "I wanted that Rambo license. My idea was that Rambo is dead, you control his ghost and must locate and hug every one of his victim's ghosts."

Thanks for emailing us, Javidpour!