Johan Peitz (Bathos, Icy Tower) turns every level in the original Super Mario Bros. into a single-screen puzzle-platformer in A Super Mario Summary, a free Flash game created for Ludum Dare.

While many of Mario's essential elements didn't survive the transition to single-screen gameplay (some mechanics are different, and there aren't any warp zones), each level's defining features are largely intact. You can expect to encounter Lakitu in World 4-1, for instance, and you'll meet up with those damned flying Cheep-Cheeps at 2-3.

It also succeeds at being a fun game in its own right, and the scoring mechanic encourages replay; up to three stars can be earned in each level depending on the height players reached at the flagpole, and a bonus is awarded if all coins are collected. It can be a real challenge to reach the top of the pole in some of the more difficult levels!

[via Free Indie Games]