airscape.png Back in early January, Scirra held a 'rotary-themed' competition with the games to be developed with Construct 2. It ran until Febuary 29th and AirScape was announced as the winning entry on March 10th.

AirScape is puzzle-platformer, where gravity follows your feet. You're an octopus, who has been forced from water to land due to a shift in the earth's gravity. The screen rotates as you walk across the curved landscape and follows you as jump upside-down. Each level requires you to smash the large glass vial.

The levels are short but gradually become more complicated in layout, requiring you to navigate more treacherous territory, and there are a variety of obstacles and enemies to avoid. You can zoom out to see more of your surroundings by holding the left mouse button and dragging right as indicated by the game on screen. This can be very helpful, especially when you can't see where your jump is going to land.

AirScape can be played here.