snowball.png Pixeljam recently released Snowball, the first game that they actually own (most of their recent catalogue is owned by Adult Swim) since Dino Run. Although it's retro-inspired, it's something of a departure from their usual material - it's a fantasy pinball table, in which the ball is a snowball and everything on the table is themed to suit this.

The ball movement feels a bit unnatural at times but there are many bonuses to discover if you hit the ball in the right passages and the pixel art is pleasant to look at. Flippers and springs are littered around the playing field, allowing you to manoeuvre the ball into those higher areas that you would otherwise not be able to reach.

There are also other neat little touches such as magnetic poles (if the ball is rolling close enough, hold space to gravitate it towards the pole) and trees that grow when the ball repeatedly hits them.

If you dig pinball, you might get some enjoyment out of this. Play it here.