MMMMMM increpare.png

MMMMMM is Stephen Lavelle's slanted take on Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV. It feels a bit more puzzle than platformer, as players move and manipulate gravity in one of eight directions to avoid spikes, traverse 3 maps worth of levels, and collect items. Once the flow of gravity is flipped, it can pull the character depending on its orientation. This plays out particularly interestingly if you move off a diagonal.

Increpare tip: VVVVVV is the only relation between Increpare's MMMMMM and Kairo developer Locked Door Puzzle's MMMMMM. The latter is an independent game purchasing contemplation simulator (of VVVVVV) which also should be played, if only to see a parody of what the common gamer did upon hearing about VVVVVV for the first time.

Back to the post's original assignment, feel free to give Increpare's MMMMMM a try.