Xona Games' acclaimed bullet-hell shooter Score Rush can now be played via web browsers thanks to a new HTML5 port available at Turbulenz.

Previously released for the Xbox Live Indie Games platform, Score Rush offers multiple enemy waves of increasing difficulty, each of which is capped off by a tough boss fight. Players can collect power-ups to increase their firepower and add option ships, and bombs can be used to clear the screen when the barrage of bullets becomes too hectic.

I found that Score Rush's twin-stick gameplay transferred quite well to a mouse-and-keyboard setup. Despite a slight graphical downgrade, the HTML5 version is just as fun and engrossing as the XBLIG original, and I really enjoyed the time I spent with it. The addition of leaderboards and achievements is definitely appreciated, too.

Score Rush is free to play, but requires users to sign up with the Turbulenz game portal.

[via @shmups]