fez OST.jpgFEZ releases on XBLA on Friday the 13th, and its album is now up for pre-order for $4.99 via Bandcamp, with 3 free songs and 3 early access songs with purchase.

"Adventure" is the most whimsical and carefree of the 6 samples for me. I suppose it is because of this happy feeling that I like this song the most so far. I also enjoy "Forgotten", whose spaced, long notes evoke a different, somber feeling.

With such great ambient music teased from Disasterpeace, I can't wait to hear the other 20 tracks when they become available on April 20. As of this writing, Disasterpeace's FEZ soundtrack sits at #1 in Bandcamp's "Top sellers of late." It won't be much longer to see if the FEZ game will earn similar accolades.

[ Source: Joystiq ]