The soundtrack for Polytron Corp's Xbox Live Arcade puzzle-platformer Fez is now available for purchase and streaming via composer Disasterpeace's website.

The 26-track album, downloadable as a set of FLAC files or high-bitrate MP3s, is priced at $7, and can be sampled in full prior to purchase. It's also noteworthy for reasons that could be considered spoilers -- read on at your own risk, though to be honest, this is stuff that you're very unlikely to discover on your own.


Hours after the soundtrack for Fez was released, fans discovered that the tracks contained hidden images that could potentially link to in-game puzzles. The discovery was first documented by GameFAQs forum member allaze-eroler, who ran one of the game's music tracks through a visualization program, producing the image above.

Further investigation revealed additional hidden images that feature specific numbers, dates, and works of art. Do these images hint at a puzzle within Fez itself? Are they part of a Trials HD-styled riddle? The answer is not yet known.

[via @terrycavanagh, @deliciousbees]