insidemyradio2_thumb.pngTake some visual cues from Stealth Bastard and rhythmic platforming from Beat Sneak Bandit, remove the sneakiness, and you have the hypnotic Windows-compatible freeware title, Inside My Radio. Four developers came together to create for the 72-hour Ludum Dare 23 jam a game where you control a guy who must keep the rhythm inside a tiny-world-like boom box.

While somewhat like Beat Sneak Bandit, not all of your movements are tied to the rhythm. Players can walk left or right free of the beat; (wall) jumping and dashing must be timed, though, to get through the challenging platforming sections. Thankfully, this twitchy rhythm platformer has multiple save points, since you'll drop lives like Joachim Neuville drops an infectious, heavy beat. For those with no speakers or headphones or those who need the game to be more accessible, the developers have built a visual beat gauge that shows when to jump or dash (hit F1 to display it).