Scott Games' latest Windows freeware title, The Desolate Hope, isn't great just because of its stunning artwork, its gripping sci-fi story, and its coffee pot protagonist. It also packs a triple punch with three distinct gameplay types, each skillfully woven together. The side scrolling action has different platforming elements for each section, the overhead adventure distills fun elements of a classic Zelda (including walls you can walk through or destroy) and the turn-based, RPG-style boss battles are visually mesmerizing and tough.

The Desolate Hope is pretty non-linear and offers hours of gaming. The leveling system is interesting in that there are no experience points. The game also has a day-and-night system that mixes up the game more and adds a sense of urgency to completing it. Finally, the rich story should keep you guessing until the very end.

The trailer is after the jump, but if you want to keep a lot of the visual experience a surprise, go ahead and download The Desolate Hope now.

Some of the robots and concepts seem revisited from The Desolate Room, but Cawthon didn't indicate that playing it beforehand was necessary. So dive in, and enjoy!