Sketch Nation Studio is a new and free-to-grab iOS app that promises to let you create games on either your iPad or iPhone without any sort of programming. It apparently allows for a decent variety of mostly arcade and action games and will even let you commercially publish them on the App Store; provided Sketch Nation's developers are appreciative of your creation that is.

Now, as I've been out of iOS devices recently, I didn't get to actually try Sketch Nation Studio myself, but the trailer posted above is pretty straightforward and manages to effectively showcase the key abilities of the thing. It seems that Sketch Nation Studio includes a pretty powerful graphics editor, a simple behaviors editor, a scenes editor and some very interesting features, such as the ability to use the iPhone/iPad camera to scan graphics into your games and the option to use parallax scrolling.

Apparently, Sketch Nation Studio also comes with social tools that will let you share games and assets, and, as is customary in our gamified world, earn some sort of in-app money you can spend on further in-app offerings.

Oh, and just to prove that this development/publishing model could actually work, there are a couple of simple yet decent-looking games created with Sketch Nation Studio already available: Sylvita Forest Guardian and Kooba HD.