twine.pngBeing quite aware of the fact that this very blog is rather popular with both developers and gamers, and keeping in mind that many indie gamers would indeed love to design their very own games, we've decided to actually help you creative types a bit. How? Why, by suggesting you have a look at some of the best and easier to use freeware game creation tools around.

And what better way to kick this series of posts off than by suggesting you have a look at the excellent Twine? None really...

Twine is a tool for creating interactive stories, pieces of interactive fiction that play a lot like those choose-your-own-adventure books of yore and can easily be posted online. It has already given us an eclectic variety of gems and has been widely used by such game designers as Anna Anthropy, Zenobi's John Wilson and Jonas Kyratzes.

Happily, this handy tool requires absolutely no programming or even scripting skills and is incredibly easy to use. No, really. It took me roughly 30 minutes from the moment I decided to download it till my very first (and very small) game was finished and ready to be posted online. Twine, you see, ultimately creates elegant HTML files than can be uploaded and played anywhere and is absolutely worth a try; especially if you are keen on sharing your stories.