Graphically intense 3D platformers are less common than their 2D counterparts these days, and Rock Pocket Games aims to ameliorate that with Oliver & Spike: Dimension Jumpers. The story goes that Oliver was separated from his parents when he was young and must uncover his past and future by traveling through the different dimensions. The game will be single player or co-op, where the other player can control Spike the dog.

The game contains different puzzles which often require switching dimensions to exploit their specific physics. I've seen swapping happen on a 2D scale, but I haven't seen it as much with such luscious 3D backgrounds. Players will not only switch to other dimensions, they will also have the power to switch to and explore completely different universes.

As to when Oliver & Spike will hit our universe, the developers want it on consoles first, but its release date is up in the air. Rock Pocket's Natascha Röösli tells IndieGames that the platform "depends on what kind of publisher or deal we can get (looking at XBLA and PSN) with PC and Mac at a later point as well. We are looking for a publisher/funding to finish the project since it's too ambitious with all the cut scenes, score and additional mini games to carry on our own."

Rock Pocket is a Norway based team of 8 developers who have spent their time mainly developing iOS games, including the well-received The Package. The team will use their mobile experience in making mini-games based on the Oliver & Spike brand on Android and Apple devices.

Röösli shares that the team's time on Oliver & Spike is split due to working on client projects, but this work is necessary to finance parts of Oliver & Spike. While the money isn't there yet, she says that fan interest is. "GDC in San Francisco, however, showed us that Oliver & Spike is a game that people would like playing. A lot of the audience I showed the prototype to mentioned that they really miss nice platformers and having the additional adventure part was a great addition on top."

The team isn't sure when a demo or another public, playable appearance of the game will be. Might Rock Pocket need a Kickstarter hand? Could Sony's Pub Fund come to the rescue so they could stay largely autonomous (and eventually end up on Steam/PC)? While Oliver & Spike's future is a bit nebulous, we have at least these new photos to look at, which show off the rich, colorful environments we'll get to explore.