A talented team of Atari-era industry veterans has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Gubble 3D, a proposed sequel to the PC, iOS, and PlayStation maze game Gubble.

The studio is headed up by Franz Lanzinger, developer of the classic arcade maze game Crystal Castles. 1997's release of Gubble for PC platforms expanded on the concepts introduced in Crystal Castles, and Gubble 3D will further plumb the depths of maze-based gameplay with the addition of a real-time 3D engine, a story mode, and destructible environments.

Gubble 3D will be released for Windows, Mac, and the iPad if its funding goal of $80,000 is met by May 23rd. Pledge prizes include DRM-free digital copies of the game ($15), a downloadable soundtrack album ($30), limited-edition Gubble plush toys ($75), and Kickstarter-exclusive t-shirts ($100).