Chris Hecker recently recorded and posted this video tutorial to help newcomers with the beta of his online, multiplayer espionage title, SpyParty. While showing off the basic gameplay, he teaches key aspects of being an effective spy and sniper, which often involve unlearning Pavlovian game playing skills. For one, spy players want to position the camera such that they see the rest of the stage, and particularly the sniper's aim, instead of fixating on the controllable character.

Hecker's SpyParty also asks players to be very patient in both roles (itchy trigger fingers need not apply). Though a tutorial begins with a "hit the left mouse button to control spy" message, players actually don't want to do that right away. They should instead study the behaviors of the AI so they don't do anything out of "character" and wind up a quickly sniped slab of noobness.

Hecker goes over several other spy techniques and sniper tips in the video, with a pretty good scream sampled at the 13:45 mark that shouldn't be missed. Those who are interested in playing can queue up for the paid SpyParty early-access beta for $15. Signing up and paying will also give access to the final PC build, a Steam key, and the Mac build (if/when the latter two happen).