Bryan Lunduke's Linux Tycoon isn't content with merely being the world's first Linux distro sim. No, no -- now it's the world's first massively multiplayer online Linux distro sim. That should keep him one step ahead of his competitors.

The new online mode in Linux Tycoon pits your own simulated Linux distribution against distros created by fellow players, and ranks them in terms of popularity. Online play is free and has no subscription fee. What's more, Lunduke plans to release a server application that will allow players to further customize their multiplayer simulated Linux distro building experience.

Lunduke additionally revealed that Linux Tycoon is in the works for iOS and Android platforms, though a release date has not been announced for either version. Linux Tycoon is priced at $4, and is available as a DRM-free download via Lunduke's site for Windows, Mac, and Linux.