loco boxes.png Popular independent videogame developer, Locomalito, who is not only well known for his stylish retro-inspired freeware games but also for creating extra material for each release (such as posters, dvd covers and user manuals) recently received enough donations to create a limited number of boxed copies for each of his games.

On the 10th of April, Locomalito tweeted that half of his stock had already been packed for delivery, which means that there probably isn't much time left to offer the required donation and snap one (or more) up. Who knows - in time, these might become collectors' items.

You can pick-up a single boxed game for €29,00 (if you're in Europe) or €32,00 (if you're in a country outside of Europe) or you can pick-up the whole set for €90.00 (Europe) or €98.00 (outside of Europe) via Paypal or credit card.

You can take a look here.