recluse.jpgIn an impressive showing for its 10-year anniversary, over 1100 "tiny world" themed games were developed for Ludum Dare 23, with more to come from the 72-hour Jam. We'll be picking out lots of great gems over the next few weeks, and I'm already fond of several titles below.

Studio Miniboss (Out There Somehwere) produced Planet 161 a multi-weapon, puzzle-platformer with a "small and claustrophobic level design." Andrew Morrish (Super Puzzle Platformer) created puzzler Scape, where players must watch their steps as they plant trees and later turn terrain fertile.

Matt Thorson pits tiny world versus tiny world in the two-player galactic fighter Ra Ra: Extreme Star Boxing. Finally, I recommend the above-pictured metroidvania Recluse from Pedro Camara, whose "expanding" mechanic was neat to experience, despite the overuse of white flashes.

Judging will end in 20 days, which just doesn't seem like enough time to play all of the Ludum Dare 23 games. Be sure to email us if you stumble across any particularly awesome titles or suggest some others in the comments below. Once again Happy 10th Birthday, Ludum Dare!