Axiom Verge is all about classic metroidvania gaming, with around 8 hours of gameplay, over 60 items and power-ups hidden throughout the world, and over 20 upgradeable weapons promised. The run-and-gun feel I get from the trailer makes me think Contra, but that's just part of the developer's inspiration. He also cites to Blaster Master, Bionic Commando, Rygar, and Cave Story.

The large various creatures, pods (or are those chambers?), and background visuals align well with the game's sci-fi storyline. Happ made some nice disintegration effects for the defeated boss at the end of the trailer, too.

Axiom Verge's release is a bit far away, slated to hit XBLIG and PC in 2013. This won't quite pass the time, but check out this gallery of photos to get more acquainted.

[ Source: Armless Octopus ]