SpikySnail's Confetti Carnival The Splatters... splattered all over the XBLA service this week. If you didn't get a chance to play this festival favorite, which appeared in Prime's PAX10, IGF, and IGC, you now can, provided you own an Xbox 360.

The goal in The Splatters is to cover all like-colored bombs by impacting jarringly against surfaces, causing your goo to spill. You rack up tons of points by chaining together one of nine stunts (which are sometimes necessary to traverse the winding stages or land on the hard to reach bombs). The neatest trick to me is when you "flip" (as in the trailer), which involves reversing the direction of a Splatter while keeping its momentum and anything it touches.

The controls suggest a PC version and even a tablet version wouldn't be too difficult a port. In addition to aiming with the analogue stick, The Splatters only has two button commands: to launch a Splatter and to flip. The game masks its complexity in its simplistic controls, though. There's a lot of fast-paced and fluid, physics-based trickery going on.

The closest sensation I can compare it to is Peggle, but that's a bit of a disservice to SpikySnail. Peggle's point-wielding objects are static, whereas The Splatters' bombs dynamic. I feel The Splatters is more skill-based, too. The timed pressure to chain your stunts adds the intensity.

If I had to say anything negative about the game, after getting 32/36 stars (you can get up to three per level depending on your score) in the main "learning" mode, I felt like I wanted to do more than the 9 stunts with my Splatters. While I don't believe that happens (a mini-review means I didn't play everything completely), the game does have two other huge modes of levels to test your combo and stunt skills. These add dozens of stages to play.

The "learning" mode teaches you not only how to use each stunt; it also shows you how to play through each of the twelve, multi-round levels. If you ever want to see how people get all three stars in the challenge modes or want to share how you did it yourself, the TV mode allows you to share such experiences online easily.

The mechanics behind Splatters overall felt pretty darn innovative. I often smiled along with the happy-to-die-for-me characters, as they flew around the levels in fluid chaos. Those who want to try SpikySnail's physics-based puzzler can download The Splatters for 800 MS Points ($10) or try the demo today.