stencyl mark 2.pngStencyl, the same game creation tool we covered only a couple of weeks ago, will apparently become even better and more versatile with the release of Stencyl 2.0. The new version is coming with an improved user interface, a brand new event system, an extensive built-in behavior library that will make the life of non-programmers much easier, numerous new features, better iOS support and, most importantly, the ability to export games as .exe or .app files.

Huge changes to Stencyl's Design Mode and innards aside, version 2.0 will also be accompanied by some all-new documentation and a brand new pricing logic for the commercial versions of the tool. What's more, as soon as 2.0 properly launches, the Stencyl team will start working on the finishing touches of the Android version, go on to provide HTML5 support and have their educational launch in an attempt to get Stencyl in schools around the globe.