the sea will claim everything island.pngJonas Kyratzes, the eloquent and wildly imaginative game designer that has been responsible for those touching and surreal Lands of Dream adventures, has announced a brand new game: The Sea Will Claim Everything.

This would of course be exciting news even if the game wasn't Jonas' first commercial game, which it happily is, as team Kyratzes has managed to so far amaze with its unique and intelligent offerings. Thing is, the time for a full blown point-and-click adventure in the beautifully illustrated, lyrical and at times satirical Lands of Dream might not have arrived just yet, but will definitely come this very spring when The Sea Will Claim Everything shall be released for a very modest price.

What's more, said modest price will allow you to enjoy a masterfully crafted and expertly written adventure that will be many times longer than, say, The Book of Living Magic. You'll get to explore three distinct islands featuring thousands of tiny details and multitudes of clickable spots, odd characters, walls of glorious text, over one hundred hand-drawn locations and even some puzzles, all the while listening to a beautiful, original score.