Like almost everyone else, I'm a little tired of zombies. You can't turn a corner without running into one these days. However, Deadly 30 still looks kinda nifty. The concept behind it is this: you're a soldier, lost and alone. There are zombies everywhere. Fortunately, you have a place to bunker down in. Unfortunately, it's a little ramshackle. In order to ensure that your little refuge is capable of standing the assault of the undead, you're going to have roam through the surrounding landscape for material that you can use to fortify your humble abode. Additionally, you're also probably going to want to upgrade weaponry, complete achievements and hunt down a few companions to assist you in your difficult task.

It's currently available for purchase and will cost you a trifling $5. The only downside to the whole thing is the fact that there is a notable lack of a demo, something that may deter the cautious. However, those willing to give it a go should check out the website here.