Nostatic Software offers an original premise and some charming, big-pixeled artwork in its new Xbox Live Indie Games adventure title Quiet, Please!

In Quiet, Please, a young girl seeks silent relaxation after a busy schoolday. Unfortunately, everyone at home is being quite noisy -- mom's on the phone, the neighbor's mowing his lawn, and there's a trio of kittens upstairs who won't stop pouncing on each other.

Players must solve a series of item-based puzzles in order to stop various sources of noise pollution. An early puzzle: dad's watching TV, and every time you turn it off, he uses the remote to immediately turn it back on. The satellite dish on the roof seems ripe for sabotage, but first you have to figure out how to get up there, and then you need to find an item that will short out the dish.

I love the concept here -- I think I'll end up playing this one through to the end! Quiet, Please! is priced at 80 Microsoft points.